Recommended for megayachts over 50 meters, large commercial, cruise, military, ferries and oil tankers.

The VSAT 135 HT with a 135 cm dish and a 145 cm diameter radome, is able to ensure, despite its size, low weights and qualities of solidity and resistance to particularly high vibrations.

Main features :

  • The most compact radome for 3-axis antenna (Navisystem patent);
  • The antenna with the simplest operating system in the world, without dozens of boxes and antenna connectors;
  • Italian manufacture: elegant, efficient, compact and light;
  • KU band with cross polarization and copolar at the same time;
  • Multiservice: with the special internet sat tv kit and tv on a single antenna;
  • Dual or quad switching box for two or four antennas;
  • Interfacing with the onboard gyro is not essential;
  • Navilink: a single cable between the antenna and the Control Unit, interactivity with on-board systems;
  • Non-magnetic kit against interference. “Tracking” even in adverse conditions.
  • Automatic polarizer;
  • Naviber technology: to identify the chosen satellite;
  • GPS on board as standard;
  • Remote assistance for firmware updates and technical support;
  • 3-year warranty and worldwide service centers.

The following models are available:

  • VSAT 135 HT KU .

Technical specifications

Dish diameter
135 Cm
Type of stabilization
3 axis (with autopolarizer 4 axis)
147 kg
Radome diameter
140 Cm
Radome height
148 Cm
Control Unit
SAT 105 digital system 12 sat.
Radome material:
220 Vac (110 Vac available)
Average power required:
130 W
Peak power input
150 W
Elevation range
5 ° to + 85 ° (-10 ° to + 100 ° upon request)
Azimuth range
680 °
Rotation speed
20 ° / sec
Gyrocompass input
NMEA 0183 (xxHDT autoscan)
GPS interface
Built in GPS
GPS date
NMEA 183 (GPGGA, GPGLL, GPRMC autoscan)
Operating temperature
ODU: -20 ° / + 80 ° , IDU: 0 ° / + 55 °
Storage temperatures
-40 ° to +85
ODU: 100% / IDU: 100%
Withstands relative average winds:
130 Km / h
OpenAMIP compliance
Remote assistance:
G / T:
19.7 dB
TX / RX Frequece:
TX: 14.0 -14.5 GHz KU band / RX: 10.95 -12.75 GHz band
Antenna gain:
TX: 43 dB (Typical @ 14.25 GHz) RX: 42 dB (Typical @ 12.50 GHz)
TX XPD:> 30dB within -1 dB Contour RX XPD:> 30dB within -1 dB Contour
4W (6W, 8W, 10W optionals)
Standard oscillator LNB :
Low band: 9,750-10,000 High band: 10,600-11,300
Possible reception:
V / H linear and circoular (optional)
Cassegrain feed
Linear motorized adjustment
Polarization control:
DC motor with feedback pot.
Stabilized pedestal antenna:
3 axis (level, cross level, azimuth), stabilization mode, stepper motor, stab. accuracy +/-@0.25°
+/- 10 ° With 12 SEC. period
+/- 10 ° With 12 SEC. period
+/- 8 ° With 22 SEC. period
Turning rate tracking:
20th century


VSAT Systems Wiring:
Control unit dimensions:


Sat tv kit

With the special TV kit it is possible to have, in addition to the internet service, also the satellite TV service with a single antenna (not usable at the same time), an exclusive Navisystem designed specifically for our customers who do not want to give up any service despite having limited spaces available on board.



Wi-Fi kit

With this kit you can control all the tracking functions and change satellites, not only from the control unit, but also from your Smartphone or Tablet, at any time.

The Wi-Fi Kit includes: Sat 105 Wi-Fi control unit and Navisystem App for Smartphones and Tablets.


Switching kit

With the special switching kit, two antennas can guarantee two services without interruptions even in the presence of obstacles between the antenna and the satellite. The exchange between one antenna and the other takes place automatically as soon as one of the two loses the signal, but it is possible to set the exchange also in manual or priority mode in cases where it is preferred.


  • In cases where a more powerful BUC is required than the one fitted as standard on each model, we offer several alternatives:
  • NJRC
  • Norsat
  • iDirect
  • Terrasat
  • Agilis
  • Actox