Recommended for megayachts over 40 meters and commercial, cruise and military ships.

The MST 120 HT4 is dedicated to boats that travel all over the world, which must be able to count on effective equipment in any condition and reliable over time thanks to the 3-axis stabilization system. The large dish can receive even the weakest signals and distribute them to over 50 independent users. The MST 120 HT4 allows the reception of satellite TV and, with the appropriate kits, also of digital terrestrial and meteosat live.

Main features :

  • The antenna with the simplest operating system in the world, without dozens of boxes and antenna connectors;
  • The most compact radome for 3-axis antenna (Navisystem patent);
  • Italian manufacture: elegant, efficient, compact and light;
  • KU band with linear or circular polarization;
  • Interfacing with the on-board gyro is not essential;
  • “Compass Gyro Controlled” in the radome;
  • GPS “on board”;
  • Automatic polarizer;
  • Gyroscopes on three axes;
  • Three-axis inclinometers;
  • Non-magnetic kit against interference;
  • Navilink technology: a single cable between the antenna and the Control Unit;
  • Naviber technology to identify the chosen satellite;
  • Remote assistance for firmware updates and technical support;
  • 3-year warranty and worldwide service centers.

Technical specifications

Dish diameter
116 Cm
Type of stabilization
3 axis (with autopolarizer 4 axis)
133 kg
Radome diameter
130 Cm
Radome height
140 Cm
Control Unit
Sat 105 (12 satellites)
Output for
n. 30 decoders and more
Digital Terrestrial TV Kit
n. 1 UHF output
220 Vac 50 Hz (110 Vac 60 Hz upon request)
Average power input
130 W
Peak power input
150 W
Dish type
Prime Focus
Elevation range
5 ° -85 °
Azimuth range
680 °
Rotation speed
20 ° / sec
+/- 15 ° with 7 sec. period
+/- 15 ° with 5 sec. period
+/- 8 ° with 10 sec. period
Gyrocompass input
NMEA 183 (xxHDT autoscan)
GPS interface
Built in GPS
GPS date
NMEA 183 (GPGGA, GPGLL, GPRMC autoscan)
Operating temperature
-10 ° to + 70 °
Storage temperatures
-40 ° to +85
Maximum relative speed
80 Knots
Frequencies Ku band
10.7: 12.75 Ghz
Low band
10.700: 11.700 Mhz
High band
11.700: 12.750 Mhz
12 Ghz gain antenna
41-41.5 db
Minimum EIRP auto mode
Minimum EIRP semiauto mode
Minimum capability of the receiver
Universal LNB
4 ``All bands`` outputs
Local LNB oscillator
Low band 9,750 Mhz - High band 10,600 Mhz
DirecTv LNB local oscillator
11,250 or 10,500 Mhz
Allowed reception
V / H linear (or L / R circular) * polarization

* with DBS LNB 


Wiring of HT4 systems:
Control unit dimensions:


Wi-Fi kit

With this kit you can control all the tracking functions and change satellites, not only from the control unit, but also from your Smartphone or Tablet, at any time.

The Wi-Fi Kit includes: Sat 105 Wi-Fi control unit and Navisystem App for Smartphones and Tablets.


Digital Terrestrial Kit with geographic pointing


With this special kit it is also possible to receive the DTT channels at anchor, the antenna always remains pointed in the same direction even if the boat turns. In addition, the dish allows high gain reception by eliminating all side and rear reflections, providing excellent quality.

Switching kit

When there may be problems with obstacles between antenna and satellite, the kit for switching between two antennas ensures an uninterrupted vision, even if you want to receive two different satellites at the same time. The exchange between one antenna and the other takes place automatically as soon as one of the two loses the signal, but it is also possible to set the exchange in manual or priority mode in cases where you prefer.

Meteosat kit

The Meteosat kit allows you to receive live weather from the satellite to always be updated on the weather conditions.